” I attended Kanchan’s baby massage classes in Westerhope… my son Quinn struggled with wind and colic and I had been told about the advantages of baby massage… having no experience of it before I can definitely say that these classes are really good.. Kanchan created such a calm,friendly and relaxing environment for the babies, adapted the strokes to suit the babies needs/moods on the day and even had toys, lights and distractors to keep the babies happy…
I have found using the strokes on my son really benifical and he is finding it easier to pass wind after we use baby massage. I would highly recommend Kanchan’s classes… and we looking forward to joining more in the future…”


Orla & Quinn ( Westerhope Village Nursery), June 2018, June 2018

” We recently attended Kanchan’s baby massage class at Cramlington. As the class ran on a Saturday it meant my husband who normally works through the week could come along to a baby class. All 3 of us were warmly welcomed by Kanchan. She is so friendly and very experienced in baby massage. We learned some great techniques and as our little boy has a hernia, Kanchan I as able to suggest alternative techniques to avoid the area. It was such a lovely, relaxing atmosphere, and we all really enjoyed attending. I would, and have highly recommended Baby Connexions to other mammies and daddies too! “

Leigh ( Southfield Nursery, Cramlington), June 2018,

” I attended Kanchan’s baby massage class with my 4 month old baby boy. I have to say it was one of the best baby classes I have attended by far. Kanchan was so lovely, laid back yet professional. Kanchan was very thorough and explained all the techniques ever so well and the benefit of each technique. I will definitely be attending further classes held by Kanchan in the near future. Shareen and Baby Zidane x “


Shareen & Baby Zidane ( Kenton Park Nursery School), May 2018,

” I recently attended Kanchan’s baby massage class with my 6 month-old baby. My baby was so calm and relaxed during and after the sessions. Kanchan demonstrated and explained the purpose to each technique well.I have been recommending baby massage to other mums and will be attending another session very soon. I hope to give baby yoga a try too.”


Michelle ( Southfield Nursery, Cramlington), May 2018,

” We attended Kanchans baby massage classes at Cramlington. I am so glad that I found these classes. Kanchan is very professional & friendly. She made sure that our daughter was comfortable during the classes & also us too. She was very professional teaching us the massage & she also taught us different ways to do certain massage movements if Lily was a little bit unhappy with some. By the end of the classes we always left with a happy relaxed sleepy baby. The classes helped us to bond more with Lily too. We met some lovely people whilst attending & the atmosphere of the room & the calming environment was lovely. We were sad when the classes ended but we will definitely be continuing to do massages at home. Thank you very much Kanchan. I will definitely recommend your classes x “

Danielle & Lily ( Southfield Nursery, Cramlington), May 2018,

“Attended baby massage and yoga and really enjoyed both classes. Loved the 1–2-1 time with my little one and interacting with other mums. The classes are very relaxed and informal which helped. Definitely recommend both classes and the leader is brilliant. So pleased I found these classes x “

Colleen ( class at Westerhope Village Nursery), March – May 2018,

“Kanchan’s baby massage group was excellent! She is so thoughtful towards the parents and babies; she provided toys for when the babies didn’t feel like doing any massage! And I felt comfortable when my baby needed feeding or changing during the class. Kanchan explained the benefits of massage very clearly and I felt able to go and try things at home too. It is calming and relaxing and I felt so much better having done the class. This was such an enjoyable experience for both me and my daughter to do together. I would highly recommend this class to other mums and dads and their babies.


Helen and Tilly (class at Kenton Park Nursery School), March 2018

“I attended the baby massage class with my 5 month old in September. Kanchan created a really soothing and relaxing atmosphere for both Mum and baby. It is a great chance to meet fellow Mums for have a chat and I still use some of the techniques now. I would definitely recommend this course.


Rosemary (class at Kenton Park Nursery School), February 2018

“I attended a baby massage course run by Kanchan in September. I was a bit nervous at first having never attended any mother and baby classes but Kanchan immediately put me at ease. The class was warm and friendly and I was surprised how relaxing I found it and as the course progressed I began to really look forward to each session. The tone of the class was soothing and supportive and Kanchan’s gentleness and good humour made it an easy learning environment. 

At the beginning of the course my baby suffered from terrible colic and some of the techniques I learned were the only thing that brought her any relief. Practising at home really helped us to bond and enjoy each other’s time, touch and company. My baby is 8 months old now and I’ve incorporated some of the massage I learned into her bedtime routine and I think it is helping her to settle and feel relaxed, loved and sleepy.

This is a very lovely class. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who would wants to bond with their baby and for any frazzled mummy’s that need a little calm in their day.”


Shona (class at Kenton Park Nursery School), February 2018

“I really enjoyed the baby massage class led by Kanchan. She was very easy going and approachable and there was a lovely atmosphere within the class group. The class was really informative and Kanchan was able to explain the benefits of each movement whilst they were being shown.

She also gave out helpful diagrams so I was able to show these to my partner and he could join in too. The tummy massages were particularly beneficial to ease digestion and I have used these regularly since. I would highly recommend giving baby massage a try!!”


Amy (class at Kenton Park Nursery School), February 2018