Baby Yoga

The history of yoga has it’s origins in India over 5000 years ago and its roots can be traced back to an ancient book – Riga Veda. The word yoga is a Sanskrit term that has many meanings. It is said that yoga is a method that can train and unite the body, mind and spirit. It has been practiced for centuries in many different forms.

What is Baby Yoga?

The practice of baby yoga can help parents and caregivers bond with their baby more deeply and understand how best to care for them. It can help parents to understand and support their child’s intentions, needs and desires.

Yoga helps to strengthen and increase flexibility of joints and muscles. It is also a great exercise for postnatal problems and strengthening your core after birth.

As well as this it can help with issues such as colic, trapped wind and constipation.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Better and longer sleep – Yoga engages muscles and then releases them, leaving a baby feeling more comfortable and relaxed. This then helps improve baby and parent quality of sleep.
  • Improves digestion and easing of gas pains – by gently strengthening and massaging the intestines through body movement and positioning. Yoga is a great tool for parents to use to help with this common problem.
  • Relief from fussiness and colic – Yoga movements can calm down a crying and “fussy “baby, and help them to be a happier and content baby.
  • A healthy, physically fit lifestyle – Babies spend their days eating, sleeping, trying to move themselves and toys. Yoga can help the baby to develop it’s body, and also mind and body awareness. At the same time Yoga can help make parents more aware of their baby’s body, and develop a pattern of exercise for both baby and parent.
  • Strengthened bonds between parent & child – during yoga, parent and baby can step away from any distraction and focus on learning about each other, bonding through senses such as touch, smell, sight and sound, and through the rhythm of breathing.

About our classes…

Our classes run for 4-5 weeks, with one class each week.

  • The sessions will last approx. 60mins
  • We will practice gentle yoga moves for baby and parent using song and nursery rhymes.
  • Our fun and interactive class will allow us to play and exercise at the same time, with sensory scarves, toys and lights.
  • We request if you could bring a towel and blanket for your baby to the sessions.
  • Your baby may feed at any time during the class.
  • Your baby may sleep during the class, if this happens demonstration dolls are available to practice on during the session.
  • It is also possible your baby may cry during the session, don’t worry about this, crying is a normal part of a baby’s behaviour!

We will adapt our class accordingly so all can benefit as much as possible, most importantly our classes are relaxed and fun!

We also offer 1-to-1 training for individual parents/caregivers. In these classes we cover the same techniques and service, but if you feel you would like to focus on anything in particular this is no problem.

The sessions can be held at our three venues or we offer a home service for those who may find it difficult to venture out.